IMPROVING All YOUR Money Troubles 
With A  Hidden Wealth Attraction Code Used To Make Over $600,000,000 During the Great Depression
The REAL SECRET to Ending...
Ending All YOUR Money Troubles 
Forever With A  Hidden Wealth Attraction Code Used To Make Over $600,000,000 During the Great Depression
Have you ever been broke?

I mean truly, relentlessly broke…

Collection agencies calling, holding your breath each time you swipe your card in line at the store…

Borrowing money from friends type of broke…

Saying no to dinners out because you simply can’t pay when everyone else throws their card in.

Not being able to deposit a check because the past overdraft fees eat it up.
That frustrating, angry, and let’s face it, shameful feeling you get in these situations is made even worse when you know you’re one of the good ones.

Let me guess, you probably tried that froo froo thing called the Law of Attraction... 

And it didn’t do a damn thing for you, did it?

Hell, when I tried it, it just made me feel WORSE…  Because I kept attracting failure, even though I did the exercises every day.  You may have heard, “You are responsible for what you attract”, right?
Well sort of... 
For some special types of people who are “naturals”, the Law of Attraction works right away, often with astounding results (hint – anyone can learn to be a “natural”). For the rest of us, it usually just makes us feel worse And, we end up blaming ourselves even MORE for our failure.

It is not your fault. 

Trust me, I know.  

I went through hell and back on this Law of Attraction thing... And I will NEVER forget the searing frustration of struggling with it…  

Constantly blaming myself for being broke. 
Friends Laughed When They Found Out I Was Trying To Use the Law of Attraction…but Then It Started to Work..!
So, how did it go for you the last time you tried any of this “visualize what you want” stuff?
If you’re anything like I was, I’m guessing that no matter what technique you tried 

…And how positive with gratitude you were with your intention, nothing much happened. 
The truth is…it doesn’t work for most people who weren’t born with a natural “knack” for it. 

Which is too bad, because attracting money doesn't have to be a frustrating test of your willpower.
It's fast once you learn an incredibly simple method to “hack” the process.
Look, the key is this: Money is a fickle thing that operates purely as energy. 
Here’s the Best Way I Can 
Explain it to You…

Have you ever idly thought of someone and they called you at that moment?

 Weird, right?
That happens because you, me, and everything else is connected at its most base level through an energy field. (More on this later)   

Money is no different and behaves just like that instantaneous phone call. 
Your power to attract or repel money is working all the time, no matter what you’re consciously trying to “put into the Universe”. 

This is Where it Gets Interesting…
If you’ve tried, and failed, to use the Law of Attraction before, it’s because you didn’t know how to use a fundamental Natural Law.

Yet, some people are lucky…

And are born with a naturally high, unconscious, awareness of how to use this Natural Law. 

They seem to attract what they want in life effortlessly; for the rest of us? 
Well, we first have to know this Law exists, and then learn how to use it.  

There is something you can do physically that is simple and easy to instantly bring yourself in alignment with Natural Law… 

Resulting in the Floodgates of wealth being open to you! 

Seriously, I know it sounds crazy, but once you try it, you will be shocked at the results! 
Think of turning the dial on an analog radio to tune into a radio station, say 94.6 FM… 

If you’re off by even the smallest amount, you get static interrupting the frequency. It’s the same with trying to attract money. 

If you want to receive it, you have to be “Tuned In” with money… 

It’s Incredibly Simple & Works For Anyone
It won’t take you weeks to develop this technique.  You will pick it up fairly quickly
 because it is something you already know how to do. 

You’ll immediately become magnetic to money…even if:
  • You're burnt out
  • Not thinking positive
  • Are dead broke
  • And have a long track record of failure trying to use the Law of Attraction.
I sweated it out and suffered in the real world until I learned how to use this amazing Secret. 
Dear Friend,
My name is Josh. 
And boy, do I have a story for you…  
A story about Secret Societies, wildly successful Depression-Era financial traders and hidden libraries. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: The depth of my story is necessary to show you the POWER of what I learned…and how you can Benefit from my trials and tribulations… 

I’m going to share with you the incredible revelation I discovered which UNLOCKED change in my life…  

However, you need to know some of my background… 

Which, if you’re anything like the people I’ve told this to in the past, you won’t believe me.
I grew up on a farm in the rural Midwest. And when I say rural, I mean dirt roads, pigs, chickens, goats, horses, corn, soybeans, hay, alfalfa... 
We even had well water, and electrical power generated by a windmill.  
…Heat in the winter by wood burning fire. 
…And Hardcore manual labor growing up… 
All wrapped up in the “hours for dollars” poverty mindset. 

Sure as heck gave me a great work ethic…and once I learned to combine that with the simple truth of the Natural Law I discovered…

I had more success, faster, than I ever dreamed possible! 
Honestly – I remember I had a specific number set for an income goal and once the Law started to work, money poured in so fast I blew past that paltry goal!
(More about that later)

The truth is, I shouldn’t be where I am today…

Like most dreamers…In my early twenties, I had had enough, loaded up my car , and ventured out for California…the Land of Sunshine and Fame (or so I thought).

No money. No connections, no resources…

In fact, I had just enough gas money to make it to western Montana, sleeping in sketchy rest stops along the way, where I got a job building fences.

Being the “new guy”, I got the short end of the stick.

Every day ended with me exhausted and bleeding from the brambles and thorns I had to fight through to dig the post holes and build the fences.

I took it day by day and the “Farmboy work ethic” got me through it.

After a few months, I made just enough for me to make it to California. 

I Was Forced to Beg for Work Every Morning at 6am…Land of opportunity, right?  

You see, if you want to live somewhere nice, everyone else wants to live there too.

The job market was ferociously competitive, and everything was far more expensive.

Plus the country was in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and let’s face it, no one was hiring…

Except an absolute lunatic and savage captain of a sport fishing boat

…who I found by “walking the docks” every morning-literally walking up to the back of boats asking if they had any work available for the day.

I was doing the nautical version of standing around in the Home 
Depot parking lot, begging for work.

Working as a deckhand on this boat was like preparing 
for a fight every day.
I later found out the work was available because the ex-alcoholic 
of an captain was an abusive rage-filled person and most 
workers lasted about a week. 
Every day started at 6:30am with the raging captain
stomping around on the deck, screaming at me about 
some perceived slight. 

I made it five months-before the boat left to go south… 
And, I “held the record” for longest lasting deckhand. 
Things went from bad to WORSE as the boat left without me on it…the only option was for me to work in a nasty, dirty shipyard, retrofitting a steel boat from the 1960’s. 
As the new guy…again.  My two options for work were: 
OPTION 1: Grab a heavy and loud air tool that chips paint, head down to the pitch-black interior of the boat into the bilge where I would stand in knee deep, oil filled water and strain to chip toxic lead paint off the ceiling.

(I was allowed 30 min for lunch, the only time I saw daylight.)
OPTION 1: Grab a heavy and loud air tool that chips paint, head down to the pitch-black interior of the boat into the bilge where I would stand in knee deep, oil filled water and strain to chip toxic lead paint off the ceiling.

(I was allowed 30 min for lunch, the only time I saw daylight.)
OPTION 2: Spread a toxic varnish stripper acid on the endless amount of old teak, scrape it off, followed by endless amounts of hand sanding.

I could sometimes taste the chemical if it touched my bare hand.

I had a great work ethic, I wasn’t dumb and wasn’t a bad person…why wasn’t I seeing the success I wanted? 

I shake my head thinking about that time now that I’m writing this from my office in La Jolla, California (one of the wealthiest communities in Southern California)…

…and if you’re in a similar situation, I KNOW how you feel.

BELIEVE me – the hair went up on the back of my neck and I got chills typing this, remembering it all.
Thank god I had these experiences though – they molded me into someone who would endure ANYTHING, no matter how crazy or hard it was, to find the TRUTH about the “Missing Link” in the Law of Attraction.  
I can’t wait to share it with you…but don’t skip ahead, this is where the story gets REAL…
Finally, I Made it out of Manual Labor Hell – But I was in for a Surprise…
I scraped together enough money from being a day laborer…

I put myself through the required courses to get my real estate license.
It was 2003… 
I figured Real Estate was where the money was, so I got a position selling real estate in San Diego, California. 

I thought it would be easy… 

Sell one or two properties here and there, make those big commissions and you’re set for months, right?


It’s easy to get a real estate license in California; in San Diego County ALONE there were, count’em, 22,000+ licensees.

The competition in the Real Estate business was brutal, unethical, and disgusting.

My MANAGER stole clients from me. She was supposed to be HELPING me, not stealing earned income that meant the world to me at the time.

Not to mention…

Since I was new, the broker & another agent I worked for KEPT 90% all my commissions – I was paid a tiny percentage of what I actually produced, because back then, you had to “earn” your way up to a higher percentage.

Fast forward 5 years & I’d Gone From the Frying Pan to the Fire…
In 2008, I was still struggling in a ruthless industry and doing poorly – just enough to get by and keep me seeing the “carrot on the stick”.

Not even making enough to put gas in the car and buy food consistently. Borrowing money to stay afloat, and then borrowing more money to pay back older debt.

I would work my ass off for clients, only for them to use someone else to purchase the property at the last second…

Leaving me broke and penniless…

“The Rats Will do Anything To Escape the Sinking Ship…”
And, when the market started to crash, guess what?

I had threatened or attempted law suits. Not once, not twice, but 4 times.

My clients became desperate as they saw the doom of a collapsing economy closing in on them…

They went after the easiest target – me.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when a client came into the office, looked me dead in the eye with a soulless stare, and said:

“You did a good job selling my place, but if you don’t give me 100% of your commission now, I’m going to hire an attorney, sue you, and win.”

No reason other than he didn’t make as much money on the sale of his property as he expected because the market was crashing.

My broker at the time immediately rolled over and gave him all my money I had worked my ass off for.

My bank account was overdrawn, I was behind on all my bills…

…And the ability to do something as simple as buy a burrito without wondering if the card would work was a distant memory.

Taking a shower later that week, I noticed clumps of hair in my hands.

In my twenties, my hair was literally falling out of my head…

I Knew my Thoughts Were Sabotaging My Success, but How? Why?
The noose of failure tightened around my neck slowly but surely.

Still, I saw the potential selling REAL ESTATE offered and kept doing ALL things you have to do to generate business.

Working night after night. Weekend after weekend. Holiday after holiday.

I kept doing all the “Right” things with no results…

Hell, I Was Ready to Try Almost Anything! 
I DID try almost anything.

Tons of time and what money I had were invested in “personal development” - I kept reading the “success” books, listened to CD’s, and went to seminars to get “motivated”.

I watched “The Secret” over and over again, waking up and forcing a smile while looking at myself in the mirror every morning for positive thinking.

…And I even tried some subliminal CD’s that were supposed to “magnetize” me for success in business.

I visualized what I wanted and diligently wrote my goals down and carried them with me.

Every. Damn. Day.

And, if you’re like me, you know there’s something to this Law of Attraction thing, but it just doesn’t work.

You keep blaming yourself, however in the back of your mind every time you try a new program you’re wondering if it’s another false promise…

…Wait, that would be negative thinking.

Time Ran Short…At Any Moment It Could ALL Be Over…  
By now the crash was in full swing.

The real estate market had TANKED. 

Things were going from bad to worse.

And I was on 100% commission. No help from family. No safety net, no money in the bank.

I couldn’t even get a “real 9-5 job”; with the economy imploding all around the country, no one was hiring.  

Desperation and a growing sense of panic gripped me…

I quietly ate my roommate’s food due to my bank account constantly being overdrawn and I hadn’t closed a sale in 3 months.  

The foreclosure crisis steepened, then dropped off a cliff.  

Due to the Financial “Earthquake”…Major banks to began fail…
I Didn’t, No COULDN’T Waste Even More Time with Wide-Eyed Blue Sky Positive Thinking…I Needed Wealth Attraction That Worked, NOW! 
I was out of physical and mental gas and running on fumes…with no ability to gamble with yet another course.

The phone call had already been made for me to find work as a deckhand on the hated sport fishing boats…

I was DAYS away from throwing in the towel on what was once a promising real estate career I had put my heart and soul into.

I knew the truth was out there, but where?

Why did some people attract what they wanted all the time and I just attracted more awful things?

Finally, it had happened. I had hit rock bottom financially, and mentally.

I was just about to give up, however I had a strange feeling to go check something out.

Something ancient, yet still around. Something you’ve probably heard about, but don’t really know much of…

That is where I discovered the The “Missing Link” to the Law of Attraction…

I Decided to do Something REALLY Crazy… 
You know the bizarre pyramid with the eye floating above it on the back of a $1 bill?
It’s a symbol of a secret society called Freemasons…
Some time before, I figured what the hell, it was worth a shot, after all, nothing else had worked.

  • Henry Ford who almost singlehandedly created the modern automotive industry
  • Napoleon Hill, author of “Think And Grow Rich”
  • Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest self-made men of all time (he also “sponsored” Napaleon Hill)
  • Paul Revere & George Washington, heroes of the American Revolutionary War
  • Mozart, genius of Classical Music
  • Voltaire, who lead the Enlightenment movement in Europe, bringing us out of the Dark Ages
These wealthy men who had shaped history HAD to know something we “normal folks” don’t…Right?  
I was quickly disappointed…

I applied, went through a lengthy and very time-consuming approval process, then endured the three degrees.

You ever hear of the term “he gave me the 3rd degree?” – that’s from the three degrees of Freemasonry and I went through them all, taking about a year of grueling examinations and trials.

Upon admittance to my first meeting, I found that the building itself was in dire need of maintenance.

Most of the guys I met were there for the social events with little knowledge of the Mystery School origins of Freemasonry.

I was crushed. False promises, again.  

I thought this would be the spark, the SECRET of what I needed to know to attract what I wanted in life.

Little did I know the REAL Masons were waiting in the shadows…

Watching. Deciding on whether to contact me…  

I Wasn’t Going To Give Up – A Strange Feeling Kept Me Going Back… 
Given my dire situation, there was no reason for me to go that particular evening – I should have been working into the night, trying to make another sale.  

I was broke, worn out, and frustrated.

Besides that, I could barely afford to eat, much less waste gas on yet another fruitless trip to the Lodge.

The meeting finished early that night and out of the corner of my eye I noticed one Brother who I had rarely seen before.

A mysterious guy; intensely private who swore me to never share his name.
I knew he had a successful business which afforded him tons of free time and that he had read hundreds, possibly thousands of hard to find esoteric writings for decades.

I’d seen a couple of the books, and these were not the type you leave sitting around for people to find – taken out of context, they could make you look crazy, or even sinister.
“Mr. X” Was Watching… 
“Mr. X” waited for everyone to clear out, steered me to a dark corner of the room and told me to sit down.

I was shocked to discover that while he looked barely middle aged with some gray hair, he was actually in his mid-sixties.

He moved to light a brazier with a special type of incense he claimed sharpened the mind (which I later found out was frankincense-weird, right?), and told me I would need it.

The thick white smoke slowly curled upwards as he fluidly grabbed a chair, flipped it around, and sat on it backwards, arms crossed on top.

The burning intensity of his eyes pierced through me; I felt exposed, almost like I had done something wrong.  

Rain fell in sheets against the towering windows and I saw the last of the lights go out in the foyer. We were alone…

He gazed at me for a long, silent, moment and told me I looked skinny.

And, that he understood I was working, in real estate, a big money profession – what gives? I should be doing great financially.  

I told him of my struggles with Wealth Attraction and how I had been working my ass off, but just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

I would generate business, but at the last second, something would go wrong.

Mr. X’s reply was simple…“Follow me.”  

The Real Secrets Were Concealed in the Hidden Library… 
He produced an odd looking brass key, inserted it into the ornate lock plate, turned the handle polished by thousands of hands over long decades…

And with a clank as the lock cycled, he led me through two heavy and dark wood doors to a vast library I didn’t know existed.  

Every shelf, from floor to well over my head was lined
with books, many of the spines used gold leaf typeset for the titles, most of which I didn’t recognize. 

The sizes were odd; some of the volumes were huge, and needed their own stand like an atlas would and some were small, like a tiny guidebook.

As I stood and gaped, he walked to a small double locked wood cabinet in a corner. Anyone who was casually passing through wouldn’t have noticed it.

He quickly thumbed in a combination, used a key, and opened it up.

I Was Shocked at What He Handed to Me…However, Once I Learned the Secret…
Mr. “X” pulled out a thin and tattered pamphlet.  I stared at it, and then him, as he handed it to me.  

Really?! This is what all the hoopla was about?

I sighed as familiar feelings of disappointment welled up in me.

And yet…this was one of the strangest looking “books” I had ever seen. A small, slim pamphlet, yellowed with age, covered in bizarre geometric designs.

I was told to read through it, do what it says, and report back to him in 1 week.

He also mentioned that he used the techniques described years ago, and went from playing music on the street for cash to a successful business owner with a great marriage in a very short amount of time.

I didn’t go to the meeting seeking help, this information just appeared. Through sheer force of will I had increased my Vibrations enough to attract this into my life…

The Practical Blueprint for Prosperity Hidden in Plain Sight…  
Thankfully before I left the Lodge that night, Mr. X led me through the first secret. 

Which to be honest, was so simple I wrote it off as a waste of time before I got into the “real” stuff.  
Involved “Vibrating” my body with ancient words, tones and sounds for about 3.5 minutes and then thinking about what I wanted in a very specific and precise way. 

I felt weird and kind of silly doing it for the first time right before bed and as I was falling asleep, I was thinking… “Great, I’m going to waste more time on this while I should be deciding whether or not I’m leaving San Diego in the next couple of days”.   

The next day I woke up to a missed call…

It was from a client who had faded out from communicating with me about three months ago and to be honest, I never really trusted not to screw me over.

In the Real Estate world we call that, “Going Dark.”

I thought it was kind of weird they were reaching out all of the sudden, but I called them back. Turned out, they wanted to put in an offer in on a property they had seen online right away. 

No hesitation, no driving around, no talk. Just get the offer in.

I ended up selling the property in less than 3 weeks!

And receiving what was for me at the time a huge amount of cash, $15,000!

It Worked! 

I was shocked that there might be something to this, but I was even more shocked about how fast it worked. 
All of the other Law of Attraction methods seemed to take YEARS and this SECRET worked in less than 12 hours flat.
Buzzing from my fast success, I wanted more, so I tore into the book.  Yet…the text was bizarre. 

I took action on what I could and started to have encouraging results…but I could barely decipher much of the writing.

Things were oddly phrased, and the word choices in many cases were entirely cryptic.  

3 days into it, I gave up and called my mysterious benefactor. He laughed and told me to meet him that evening.  

Turns out most people aren’t ready for this knowledge, so it’s plain sight.

The Real Secrets are encoded into the text…A Secret Double Readership Path… 

There’s an external meaning anyone can read and a second, hidden path of readership that must be decoded if you want access to the Secrets.  

He patiently taught me the code. Slowly, it started to click and when I got home that night I furiously read through my notes and prepared to do the exercises.

For the next several weeks, I did the exercises 3x’s a day without fail.  

The Results Shocked Me…It Couldn’t Just Be Chance!
During the Worst Recession in Recent Memory I Attracted $136,000 in Short Order!
Once I discovered the Law of Sympathetic Vibration and put it to use…

I entered the top 5% of income earners in the US within 90 Days!  Using this absolutely powerful and practical secret (with the help of Mr. X)…  

In one of the hardest and most competitive industries that exists… 

During the worst market of most people’s lifetimes…  

Being so broke I had to borrow money from three different people at the same time to stay afloat…

The avalanche of business that fell upon me was staggering!!! 
I had to start my own company to deal with the volume of new clients I was taking on.  

I have employees that answer to me and take care of things in the background.

Listen, the average real estate professional in San Diego county makes $12,000 per year-I make far more than that per month.

In fact, I’m writing this letter to you while sitting in my beautiful private office in La Jolla, California …two blocks from a breathtaking beach.

I haven’t cold-prospected for a client in almost a decade.

And the clients I have are all high net worth, smart, friendly and respect me.

Imagine the confidence that radiates off of you when you know you never have to worry about money again.
Trust me, people notice. You turn heads. Opportunities flow your way without effort.
This is the Power of the Law of Sympathetic Vibration…
Once I figured out the money part, I applied the Secret to everything: for me, the two big ones were having more ENERGY and TIME in my life to do what I want.

Yes, you can attract those qualities as well.

I even used the Law of Sympathetic Vibration to attract the exact type of person I wanted to share my life with…

They ARE out there, and guess what?

You’ll know when you see that special someone plain as day because their Vibrational frequency will match yours.

Trust me, people notice. You turn heads. Opportunities flow your way without effort.
This is the Power of the Law of Sympathetic Vibration…
Once I figured out the money part, I applied the Secret to everything: for me, the two big ones were having more ENERGY and TIME in my life to do what I want.

Yes, you can attract those qualities as well.

I even used the Law of Sympathetic Vibration to attract the exact type of person I wanted to share my life with…

They ARE out there, and guess what?

You’ll know when you see that special someone plain as day because their Vibrational frequency will match yours.

Now you’re curious…what is this book that was passed onto me? 
Well for one, it’s damn near impossible to find unless you have the “secret handshake”…It’s also horrifically convoluted and takes specialized training to be able to unravel the coded Mysteries within.

In fact, my lessons with Mr. X, which were something like what you see in bible study school, lasted for years after our first meeting.

I originally thought that just by reading the book I could be successful…

…It took a master who studied these techniques most of his life to teach me the veiled Secrets within.

Before I show you how you can get your hands on this life-altering text…

I want to tell you about the author…

In 1954, A Wall Street Genius & Esoteric Freemason Wrote a Book Like None Other
His name was W.D. Gann…

Before he died in 1956, he said it was the most important work of his life. He was talking about the same book that was passed into my hands that one fateful night.

Using the occult knowledge contained within, it’s rumored he made over $650,000,000 in today’s dollars. Much of it during the great Depression of the 1930’s.  

Yes, I used the word “occult”… if you are offended by this word or don’t have an open mind, you should probably stop reading here.

Occult stems from Latin and means "clandestine, hidden, secret" and has nothing to do with cults or dancing around bonfires while drinking the blood of virgins

The “Missing Link” of The Law of Attration REVEALED: The Law of Sympathetic Vibration
This book contained a single, simple secret of wealth, phonetically encoded within – decipherable only by fellow Freemasons who were “esoteric” in nature.

This short and cryptic book distributed only to his inner circle was his life’s seminal achievement.

Out of the hundreds of publications he’d already written during a shockingly successful career as a commodities trader.

Gann Knew Something Other Traders Didn’t…
One hundred years later, Gann is still considered one of the most successful and wealthy traders ever!

Gann was mentioned in the news as recently as 2017 for the Forbes article “Is There Something Special About September 22nd?”

The author notes Gann’s writing on the Autumnal Equinox and its effect on the markets.

Nuclear physicist-turned Wall Street investment banker.

Asoka Selvarajah calls W.D. Gann:

‘The greatest genius that the financial markets have ever seen… His achievements in this arena in every way match those of the greatest scientists of our century or any other.’

Gann’s legend started growing almost instantly after moving to New York City from the small cotton farm he was born on in 1878.

He Had Learned to do Something Most People Never do Their Entire Lives
In the month of October 1909 alone, he made 286 trades in one trading session.

Only 22 out of the 286 were losing trades - a 91% success rate.

A journalist from the respected Ticker and Investment Digest spent time on the trading floor observing every trade Gann made over several weeks.

He later wrote, “I once saw him take $130, and in less than one month run it up to over $12,000. He can compound money faster than any man I ever met.”
Using an average inflation rate of 3.04%, translated to today’s dollars, Gann took $3,265 and turned it into $301,396. In weeks.

Sure, this guy was a brilliant trader. But he knew, and more importantly, used Hidden Knowledge, ultimately resulting in a fortune that today would measure over $600,000,000!
There Is A Secret to Wealth Attraction You’re Not Being Told and it’s Holding You Back

Nikola Tesla 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
In fact, if you know all the other wealth attraction techniques, including the Law of Attraction…

Yet, you don’t know the Law of Sympathetic Vibration – none of the techniques will work for you in the way you’d like.

Yes, you’ll attract things. They just won’t be the things you want; the things you’ve been visualizing or affirming…
If you don’t know the single, simple secret to wealth that works for anyone, anytime, anyplace, you’re trying to get a tan by candlelight.
We Live in an Energetic, Vibratory Universe
  • “Nothing Rests; Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates”
  • “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
These two quotes are from an ancient Hermetic philosophy text and 
the bible, respectively.

Almost every Sacred, Spiritual or Religious tradition on the planet has sound
 healing traditions – The “OM” mantra of Hinduism, the Benedictine Monks & 
Gregorian Chants, and the Tibetans with Singing Bowls.

Do you know why Hinduism has thousands of gods? They each correspond to a different 
Vibrational Plane and the effects of that particular Vibration on humans.

Or have you ever thought of someone and they called you at that moment? Or been spooked by “bad vibes”?
EINSTEIN called this Quantum effect of frequencies (vibrations) being harmonious or not “Spooky action at a distance.”
Look, It’s Simple:
Everything You See Is Made Up of 99.9999% Space on a Quantum Scale
And underneath that is what is known as Quantum, or Planck Vacuum Energy.

Matter is not a solid thing, it’s just energy fields Vibrating in space, each at their own specific frequency.  

Science has proven the Universe is Vibrational energy; and when it's in Vibration everything, all matter, all thoughts are giving off a particular sound frequency whether you hear it or not.

Everything also has a resonant frequency, including intentions and thoughts.

The frequencies in your body can become distorted by your thoughts and the environment around you.

In 3.5 minutes, this newly revealed Secret can instantly correct your body’s Vibrations and raise your Frequency to that of wealth...
Using ancient Sacred Tones, Words & Phrases that have been passed down through various Mystery Schools over the centuries like a precious gem carefully wrapped in purple velvet.

These priceless hidden secrets survived eons of time, the rise and fall of civilizations and persecution by the great rulers of old to reach you now.

Once you change your body’s natural Frequencies, attracting money works immediately even if you're burnt out, not thinking positive, have no money and a long track record of failure trying to attract wealth. It works immediately for anyone, anytime, anyplace no matter what your current mindset is.  

Where Can You Get Your Hands on these Secrets and Put Them to Use?
Before I answer that, let me tell you about another benefit of this 3.5 minute Secret…

Or rather than me telling you about it, how about our friend Tesla again? QUOTE BOX

Nikola Tesla

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
What Tesla knew is that there is a base, energetic, information field of all existence.  
If you have a problem that you are trying to solve, you can instruct your subconscious to open a door to the Divine Universal Mind and you can wake up with the answer.

There exists a certain combination of frequencies, that when repeated just before falling asleep will connect your subconscious with the Divine, Universal Mind. 

No matter how impossible the problem seems, you can use this Sacred Incantation to take responsibility for yourself and change your own destiny at will .

Are You Ready to Free Yourself with this Financial Miracle?
Here’s the deal – I am going to share with you today the distilled essence of the most profound Natural Law  in existence…  

So profound, in fact, that the original teacher of this Law and how to use it, Hermes Trismegistus was later named a GOD by the Egyptians (Thoth), Greeks (Hermes) and the Romans (Mercury).

I invested hundreds of hours learning and applying this secret in real time with no safety net. If it didn’t work, my life here was over. 


All the “real meat” of this distilled essence has been put into an easy to follow program that anyone can start using in 3.5 minutes to start feeling and seeing a difference in their lives. 
I call it the…Masonic Vibration Secret Program (Black Box Edition)
You see, I originally wrote The Masonic Vibration Secret program seven years ago as a way to DO what I had learned that so quickly turned around my awful life circumstances.
It was online for a bit but I had to quickly take it down.
Because my existing real estate business exploded in volume after I mastered the Masonic Vibration Secret.
No joke. It was a crazy, abrupt and unforgettable turnaround. Sometimes even now I shake my head thinking about it.

The reason why I priced it so low is for two reasons:

1) I want to get this into as many qualified hands as possible and generate results -real positive  changes ---as quickly as possible so I’ll have a generous selection of success stories from which to choose to include in a newer version of The Masonic Vibration Secret.

2) The program used to be organized in a very complicated fashion – I’ve reorganized it for clarity and simplicity, so page numbers will appear out of sequence, there may be references to “modules” and the like you don’t see, etc.

Rest assured, THERE’S SO MUCH “REAL MEAT” TO EMBRACE, I had to reorganize it into bite sized chunks of information you could take in, understand and most importantly, USE immediately.

If you keep doing the same old mental techniques without PHYSICALLY raising your Vibrations, you’re going to get the same old ho-hum results, while wasting hundreds of hours of your time.

You will never wonder if your Wealth Attraction is “turned on” again once you physically do something instead of just thinking about it.
Did I mention how much confidence you’ll have once you start to see results?

Once you know you can attract money at will, people notice when you walk into a room. There’s something different.

Subtle, yet powerful. People start asking you for advice. All your relationships improve.

I used to charge $300  ,  But I want you to be one of the first people to get this program for just $19!
The Masonic Vibration Secret is only $19.00 – a ridiculously low amount when you consider folks used to buy this program for $300. 
Here's Everything You’ll Download Instantly Today…  
The Complete
Masonic Vibration Secret “Black Box”
There are 4 Core components to the Masonic Vibration Secret Black Box – Let me walk you through each one...
Black Box Component #1: The 7 Secrets of the Law of Attraction Audio:
  • Instantly learn the #1 most important physical prep to be able to raise your vibrations. 
    NONE of the other Secrets will work without doing this FIRST.
  • Receive the MOST powerful Word to vibrate to attract what you want, right now
  • The #1 way to test it for yourself- Pythagorean geometry reveals how to guarantee immediate, not future results
  • Discover the top 4 other hidden techniques to handle other life issues- use the Masonic Vibration Secret to physically increase your health AND find better employment effortlessly by raising your Vibrations
  • How to massively "polarize" yourself & actually BE more motivated from the inside out by instantly create the peak mental state you want to be in
  • The most critical thing to do at the time you experience ANY trouble in your life- And, how to wake up with the answer to any life problem
  • How acting like a caveman for 30 min a day will supercharge your results using passive induction to instantly amplify your attraction power just by touching the earth
Black Box Component #2: Story of the Masonic Vibration Secret Audio
  • How the “hours for dollars” poverty mindset can be transmuted into a wealth mindset
  • Why it’s not your fault mainstream Law of Attraction Techniques haven’t worked for you.
Black Box Component #3: The First Step to Raise Your Vibrations Audio 
  • The lessons in the 7 Secrets are so valuable that I present them for you again here, in a slightly different fashion to make sure you absorb 100% of this life-changing information.
  • How to breathe correctly for maximum Vibration: Learn how to supercharge your breath using a technique from a Shakespearean orator from the 1890’s
  • Which sound is the #1 best one to Vibrate with: Use the sacred geometry of the Tetragrammaton to raise your physical AND metaphysical frequencies. (You will be SHOCKED to discover where these sounds come from and which cultures have used them.(
  • The #1 Fastest Way to test it for yourself. Don’t take my word for it, try it out, NOW! You get Gann’s power phrase to begin attracting money right away. This ONE phrase turned my life around.
  • The top 4 other techniques to handle other life issues. Hint: it’s not just for money.
  • How to Massively “Polarize” Yourself: Cancel out the bad qualities you have in your life like fear-exactly like how noise cancelling headphones work. Take these actions and immediately neutralize unwanted mental states.
  • The First & Most Critical Thing to do Anytime Some Sort of Trouble Happens in Your Life: Change your own destiny at will. There is a “Power Phrase” to repeat before falling asleep that will give you the answers you need by next morning.
  • Learn How to INSTANTLY Amplify Your Attraction Power Using the Earth itself: With just your feet, connect to all the people on the planet who are on the same wavelength as yourself. Really.
Black Box Component #4: The First Step to Raise Your Vibrations Video
A complete intro to the whole concept with EVERYTHING distilled down into a Four Step Process:
  • 1) Learn the #1 Word to chant to physically change yourself.
  • 2) Use the Law of Sympathetic Vibration BEFORE you start to attract what you want in half the time.
  • 3) Follow along with an expert while chanting each syllable, no need to learn or guess if you’re doing it right, just listen and go
  • 4) How to use the missing link of the Law of Use EVERY other Law of Attraction “system” fails at. Hint: it’s another physical action that ensures you get results faster, guaranteed.
Look.  This is a brief experiment… 

If you’re interested – awesome!

Take action now & get it for $19 with a ridiculously great guarantee.  

On my end I:

(Hopefully!) Get a great success story from you and many others which allows me to give the program a cosmetic makeover (the information will stay the same).

And because it will be “prettier”, I can sell it for much more down the road.

So, (of course, right?) my honest to god advice for you is to GRAB this NOW before I take it down!
PLUS! When you make the wise choice to take action today I’ll also give you
5 "Vibration Boosting" Bonus Gifts!
One of these is worth the investment in the Masonic Vibration Secret alone…and it’s called:
VIBRATION BOOSTER #1: The Nine Great Lies of The Law of Attraction”
Simply put, not knowing the information this short e-book contains is exactly what has been holding you back. Read this and create your own reality at will.  
  • Lie #1: "I just have to be positive and happy all the time"
You DON'T have to feel guilty anymore about not feeling positive when you're enduring constant suffering in your financial life. You don't have to work so hard anymore. It's ok to stop being positive.
  • Lie #2: "Just thinking about what I want all the time will get me what I want"
Instead of being someone who just thinks ineffectually like the guttering flame of a candle in a windstorm, be one who thinks AND feels, which is the fundamental cornerstone of getting the LOA to work for you that NO ONE teaches.
  • Lie #3: "You don’t have to physically do anything to your body"
STOP policing your thoughts like you were before. You don’t have to. Instead, you can chant and say certain words and leapfrog years of frustration because you can't couldn’t control the "monkey mind" always jumping from one thought to another, all of which attracted more of what you didn’t want.
  • Lie #4: "I don't have to take any action, if I just keep doing what I'm doing, stuff will happen"
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Learn to live in sync with Natural Law by learning the Law of Use. 
  • Lie #5: "You can't suddenly reset your subconscious money barometer much higher"
The universe LOVES speed. Attracting more money in your life doesn't have to be slow. Learn to magnetize your subconscious mind to instantly reset your creaky old money barometer MUCH higher.
  • Lie #6: "Just being motivated all the time will bring me what I want"
You don't have to pretend to be motivated anymore and can drop that mental exhaustion. You just physically engage in a state change, and your mental vibrations raise up to a better frequency too.
  • Lie #7: "You don't need to carry around a written statement each day"
The most simple non-willpower non-time consuming way to keep your attraction powers up during the day PLUS an unconscious "reset" every time you open your wallet
  • Lie #8: "The Law of Attraction is just for money"
More energy = more willpower. More willpower = getting more stuff done so you can create the life you want. Universal laws are working all the time whether you are aware or not. Get one incantation right now for Vitality and Energy.
  • Lie #9: "You don't need to connect with the earth's own energy"
You can actually create a direct physical connection with all the minds on earth who are on the same Vibration as your mind to bring you the opportunity you're looking for, even faster.
4 Vibration Booster Cheat Sheets
For daily use while raising your Vibrations. No wondering if you’re doing it right, these “preflight checklists” insure you’re NEVER wasting any time and are quickly building the daily habits you need to increase wealth attraction by removing thought out of it.
Just sit down and DO: 
  • Breathing Cheat Sheet
  • Posture Cheat Sheet
  • Visualization Cheat Sheet
  • Vibration Cheat Sheet
Written Transcript of the 7 Secrets Audio
Because some of us are auditory learners, and others are visual, I’ve made sure to include an audio transcript.

This will ensure you can really absorb the information through ALL your learning pathways...

You can also scan through the transcript and find exactly what you need to take and use on the spot to attract a better life in seconds.

*Listen to the audio while reading the transcript to Super-Charge your retention!*

The 5 Step Process for Daily Vibrations & 7 Day "Overcome Procrastination" Calendar
The 5 Step Process for Daily Vibrations & the Calendar overcome procrastination, fear and doubt so you don’t have to. 
The Vibration Quickstart Toolkit
You also will receive the Foundational Principles,
Quickstart Intro + Quickstart Guide in one bundle.

It might look like I’m trying to do all the work for you here with these cheatsheets, checklists, and quickstart guides, but they are so you DO something vs thinking about it.

This is a PRACTICAL, PROVEN system that gets results as long as the right actions are consistently taken…

Get it Today for just $19 before 
I take it down!
Once you IMPLEMENT the Law of Sympathetic Vibration you can Transmute poverty into wealth by raising your Frequency to that of Money, easily, anytime you feel like it, even driving around in your car in 3.5 minutes or less.

This technique works – it works like magic, and it works fast. A physical vibration process to instantly sync yourself to the same Frequency of Wealth.

No guesswork. No forced positive thinking.

All that concentrated thought and visualization I tried…

Did any of it work? No, nothing changed for me!

Why? Because you have to do something; you must take physical action and break through what’s holding you back.

You can’t read, wish, affirm, visualize, reprogram or analyze your way out of the rut you’re stuck in.

There’s nothing wrong with you; that stuff just doesn’t work!

The “Masonic Vibration Secret” magnetizes money to you...even if you're burnt out, not thinking positive, are dead broke and have a long track record of failure trying to use the Law of Attraction-and it’s been written by someone who sweated it out in the real world.

Look, this whole thing started from friends noticing my success and asking for advice…

In fact, one friend of mine, Cody, went from a series of failed relationships and selling food to restaurants to owning a gym and eventually, a shockingly successful supplement company!

If you met the guy in person, you would realize that it’s not because he’s smarter than everyone else or works more than the next guy…

It’s because he learned this secret and APPLIED it.

ESPECIALLY the Law of Use – learn about that Law in the program ;-)

PRACTICAL Wealth Attraction Techniques!
There is NOWHERE else this life-changing information is available.

I can say that with 100% confidence because I sweated out this program over years while I was creating it…

Then I would test it on myself, and then friends when it started working.

Over time, something unique was created you can’t find ANYWHERE else.
The Bottom Line
There is only a limited amount of time the Masonic Vibration Secret will be available at this price.

I’m redoing this program and it will be much, much more expensive soon. Possibly back at the old amount of $300- an 1,478% increase in price! 

If you don’t act soon, there’s a good chance this will be shut down by the time you get around to it.

Look, right now you have a choice to make…and if you think about it, there are only 3 ways this can go for you…

1st Choice 

First thing you can do is…nothing. Continue walking around in pain, frustration, anxiety, knowing Wealth Attraction works, but you can’t get it to work for you. You can leave this site behind and do nothing – except keep suffering for no reason. 

And honestly, if you’ve read this far, it shows me that what you’re doing now simply isn’t working for you.

So, doing nothing really isn’t a choice at all…

2nd Choice 

The second thing you can do is…take what you’ve learned here and try to “figure it all out” for yourself.  You can try this, there’s enough information here for you to attempt to track down the text I mentioned.  

So you know what you need… 

But you would have to learn how to read the code in the book, and more difficult than that, apply it correctly.

Unless you happen to have a readily available Mystery School Mentor around, this will cost you weeks, months, and years of your life…

And, thousands to hundreds of thousands in lost income you missed out on attracting while trying to figure this out on your own.

And that’s just extra suffering, stress and lost opportunity I don’t want for you.

2nd Choice 

The second thing you can do is…take what you’ve learned here and try to “figure it all out” for yourself.  You can try this, there’s enough information here for you to attempt to track down the text I mentioned.  

So you know what you need… 

But you would have to learn how to read the code in the book, and more difficult than that, apply it correctly.

Unless you happen to have a readily available Mystery School Mentor around, this will cost you weeks, months, and years of your life…

And, thousands to hundreds of thousands in lost income you missed out on attracting while trying to figure this out on your own.

And that’s just extra suffering, stress and lost opportunity I don’t want for you.

3rd Choice 

Then there’s option three…the smart option…which is simply to do what many, many others have done, investing $300 for the privilege, and try risk-free for $90…
It’s a simple decision.

Click the “Buy Now” button with the best option for you to go straight to the 100% secure checkout page and complete your order.

You see it’s no coincidence you’re here now and I know it means you’re ready for a change. Please, trust yourself to make the right decision. 

Money Back Guarantee
Try raising your Vibrations, in the privacy of your own home, for six months entirely at my risk.

If you do not experience the transformational results that are possible with the Sacred Law of Vibration, just let me know and every cent of your purchase price will be refunded immediately, without quibble or question.
What could be fairer?

Are you tired of the failure of mainstream techniques and conventional “wisdom” to help your Wealth Attraction?

If so, why not try the Masonic Vibration Secret –without risking a penny, today?



P.S. In the Masonic Vibration Secret I reveal the REAL LAW of attracting money. If you think that’s the Law of Attraction, think again. Discover how quickly your life will change when you implement the LAW that makes the other laws work…  
If you’re thinking about it, do it. My time is limited and if this test run doesn’t get traction I’m taking this down.
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